Kiwanis Division 5
Kentucky-Tennessee District

Serving the Children of the WorldTM                                                                                            

Past District Officers

Past International President

2000-01 Alex A. "Bo" Shafer, Jr Knoxville

Past Governors

1929 Clyde B. Emert Maryville
1947 Temple Fraker Knoxville
1959 James F. Franks Newport
1965 Alex A. Shafer, Sr. Knoxville
1976-77 Andrew C. Hutson, Jr. Northside
1988-89 Alex A. "Bo" Shafer, Jr. Knoxville
2002-03 Asa O. Bishop Knoxville
2004-05 C. D. Reese Newport

Division 11 Past Lt Governors
1950 Frank D. McClelland Maryville/Alcoa
1951-2 Herbert Hambruff Harriman
1953 Seymour Gerson Morristown
1954 William C. Walkup Knoxville
1955 Albert M. Miller Northside
1956 James S. Franks Newport
1957 James P. Carroll Harriman
1958 Richard Stair West Knoxville
1959 C. Wayne Force Northside
Floyd Williams Newport
James C. McSween Newport
James B Runnion Newport

Division 13 Past Lt Governors
1960 John W. Proffitt Maryville
1961 Alex A. Shafer, Sr. Knoxville
1962 Thomas E. Arp Fountain City
1963 Andrew C. Hutson, Jr. Northside
1964 Dwight Kessel West Knoxville
1965 Harold B. Stone Fountain City
1966 Harold D. Fee Northside
1967 W. Sexter Willis Knoxville
1968 Charles W. Rymer Norwood
1969 Paul J. Dominick West Knoxville
1969-70 Walter T. Church East Knoxville

Division 5 Past Lt Governors
1970-71 Earl R. Mills Alcoa
1971-72 H. Travis Parker. Jr. Northside
1972-73 Lonas Chapman Norwood
1973-74 James C. Coates East Knoxville
1974-75 Don Mirts Knoxville
1975-76 Drexel Davis Norwood
1976-77 Jack Fishman Morristown
1977-78 Thomas E. Arp Fountain City
1978-79 Hugh Mays, Sr. East Knoxville
1979-80 Eugene Dryden Gatlinburg
1980-81 Y. C. Hudson Holston
1981-82 Robert Henry Norwood
1982-83 Alex A. "Bo" Shafer, Jr. Knoxville
1983-84 James Wheeler Northside
1984-85 Eugene Jenkins West Knoxville
1985-86 Fred Flenniken South Knoxville
1986-87 Ralph Reynolds Westown
1987-88 Mike High
Ralph Reynolds
1988-89 Asa O. Bishop Knoxville
1989-90 Jon Roach East Knoxville
1990-91 Frank Borbeck Maryville
1991-92 James E. Boone Sevierville
1992-93 Bill Hopper Gatlinburg
1993-94 Leigh Chagnon Norwood
1994-95 Randy Hall (resigned)
Robert H Harvey
1995-96 Nancy Thomas Knoxville
1996-97 Roy Lindsey (resigned, illness)
Tom Mattingly
East Knoxville
1997-98 C. D. Reese Newport
1998-99 Richard Parker Maryville
1999-2000 Richard Hodge (deceased in office)
Richard Parker
2000-01 Donnie Ellis Norwood
2001-02 Gale Keown Alcoa
2002-03 Gilbert Carlson Morristown
2003-04 Donald Jones Newport
2004-05 Janet Larson Westown
2005-06 Robert Ergenbright Maryville
2006-07 Ralph Harness Northside
2007-08 Robert Palmer Sevierville
2008-09 Arthur H. Hafner Alcoa
Leslie Grossman Frederick Knoxville
Q. David Green
West Knoxville
Dick Clark
Walter Wojnar
Audrey Jones
2014-15 Tom Mattingly
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